To be right is not enough.

Wattens (Österreich), Tirol, Kanzlei Dr. Nader Mahdi, Bahnhofstraße 21, Dr. Nader Mahdi

Virtually all areas of human affairs are governed by rules. You may have even wanted to know about legal positions or claims to notice, either to go a problem out of the way elegantly, to wage a very successful intervention or to provide a convincing contract.

Without fuss, I will help you achieve your right. And I am committed only to you. Only you know what I’m doing and why I do this – nobody else. The object is the comprehensive legal assistance and advice in your commercial, occupational and private matters.

So you are not only right, but also get right.

By the way: The size of the law office is not behind them. Any advice is provided by “your” lawyer and is personal and confidential.

To meet the high quality standards, the law office is equipped with all the state-of-the-art research tools and each desk has full online access to Austrian and numerous international legal databases, to the official Austrian-wide Land Register and the official Austrian Company Register.

I cooperate with almost all legal expenses insurances.

You will find the law office in Wattens, Tyrol, Austria, located near Innsbruck and easily accessible by public transport or by car. Dedicated parking spaces are available.

Dr. Nader Karl MAHDI, Lawyer



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