Areas of practice

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Legal advice and representation in all legal matters.
Special focus on following fields:

Matrimonial and family law.
Are tensions getting insoluble, properly drawn dividing lines are also lifelines.

Law of succession and probate proceedings.
What remains of a man? Residual values can be a tangible consolation.

Enforcement proceedings, debt collection..
Self-help is not allowed.

Insolvency law, financial reorganisation.
The equal treatment of all creditors is required.

Law of real property (including builder’s law and building contracts law).
Build no bottomless pit. The legal foundation for a successful building.

Law of tenancy and habitation.
… exists on paper. Are rights also habitable?

Damages and accident damages law.
A damage knows no winner. However, in the legal aftermatch is much to gain.

Economic and contract law.
Confidence – but not blind. Life is not controllable, but malleable.

Specific consulting packages on various topics and at a price is aviable on your request as a special offer under “Check Your Right”.

Wir sprechen für Ihr Recht. Die östereichischen Rechtsanwälte.