Check Your Right

OeRAK-Check Dein Recht
The Lawyers’ Consultancy Package –
Consultancy Packages at a fixed price of 180 Euro.

Preventive legal advice is becoming increasingly important. For this reason, I offer compiled legal advice packages in a variety of subject areas for you and your interested parties as a “Check Your Right” campaign.

I offer you following consultancy packages under this action:

The marriage and partnership check.
Marriage and divorce have many legal consequences. Aspects relating to property-law and social legislation are explained at a joint consultation with the lawyer, adapted to the individual needs of each partner.

The inheritance law check.
Responsibility for family members’ futures or for a company makes it necessary to think beyond one’s own death. With the inheritance law check, you’ll be given information on important clauses of inheritance law.

The house and apartment check.
Investing in a property – whether it be a building shell, renovated property or a freehold residential property – is a decision for life. The house and apartment check offers you more security.

The tenancy law check.
The tenancy law check provides clarity concerning rights and duties resulting from a rental agreement.

The living will check.
Making decisions about one’s own fate is useful. With a living will, medical treatment can be arranged in advance.

Wir sprechen für Ihr Recht. Die östereichischen Rechtsanwälte.