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The cost for attorney services vary. Mostly used for this purpose are the „Lawyer’s Scale of Fees Act“ (RATG) and the „General Criteria on Fees“ (AHK).

If you wish, you will be informed what costs you have to expect before any important step. Even an estimate is possible. Attorney’s fees can’t be predict with certainty at the start of a consultation. What will be necessary depends also on the behavior of the other side. In lawsuits the estimate is therefore often only an estimate. Generally, it can be said that the amount increases with the amount and the importance and difficulty of the services.

For more information, please see the homepage of the Austrian Bar Association www.rechtsanwaelte.at.

A brochure for further information can be found here (german).

Who pays when? In civil proceedings and enforcement proceedings, the losing party has to bear all the costs of the procedure and, in particular, pay the costs of the successful party (in particular, some or all of their legal costs). In proceedings before the Constitutional and High Administrative Court and in the procedures before the administrative courts, the successful applicant will receive a fixed reimbursement from the authority. In criminal proceedings a partial reimbursement of costs will take place in the event of acquittal.

Certainly a good investment for the worst case is a legal expenses insurance. It guarantees that you will not be charged if you have no fault in court. By the way: Most legal expenses insurance contracts provide a free choice of a lawyer, so you are not tied to the lawyer mentioned by your insurance. I cooperate with nearly all legal expenses insurances.


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