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Questions are free of charge – the answers may come with a fee.

Provided that I can answer your question in a short Email, I will gladly do so – and free of charge if your question only concerns whether I can assist you with the problem and what fees may be incurred.

If you ask to provide legal advice, I will inform you about the fees for addressing your question in a short answer Email. You can expect a fee between 35 and 70 Euro plus 20% VAT. Please be assured that the fee will not exceed at this stage, because anything that goes beyond such a response, probably needs a personal meeting, but in any case a separate agreement. If you agree with the fee presented to you and waive your right of withdrawal (see below), please send me a short “ok” as a reply – and, of course, provide me with your full name and postal address. You will then receive my advice within the next 48 hours.

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As consumer you have a period of 14 days to withdraw from the consulting contract, without giving any reason. Should I begin before the period ends, I’ll do that gladly after you’ve waived your right of withdrawal. Please note the terms and conditions and for the right of withdrawal especially item 2.

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